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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000

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Hey Dad

Happy Father's Day! Thought you might like to know Jena and Robert's son, your grandson, is doing great. He's a strong boy and in a few years he will be training in the family art. Emmie, your granddaughter, has been training for ten years now and turning into a fine eskrimador.

Quick Youtube Post

 Just a quick post here, nothing more then the link to a Youtube Video posted of myself in London in 2005... not to self: never do that hair again....
Be Excellent
Suro Jason Inay

What If?

This last week has been a busy one, and yet not busy in the ways I wanted them to be in the end of the week. Starting with a fantastic show and tell a-la-seminar for SigEp at Stanford, the week progressed nicely. Until Thursday when suddenly I had somehow injured my neck and could barely move without immobilizing pain.


Say no to Carabao and Chicken Blood

Twice in as many weeks I have recieved the unsolicited comment regarding what FMA is in the philippines and what it is not, as compared to Fight Quest and The Human Weapon. Now these two individuals gave comment unsolicited and in referrence to advocation to me visiting PI to experience what FMA is really like in the islands.

Hong Kong Airline Kung Fu

Apparently Hong Kong Airlines is requiring their flight attendants to learn Wing Chun!
Pretty cool, just be sure to listen to the flight attendants when they tell you to turn off your mp3 player, or be seated.. otherwise its a straight blast a-la-Bruce Lee or Yip Man!

Wyld Stallion

Forgive me if this is long, however, over the past few weeks a few insights have come to me that may be of interest to you. It all came to me while I was driving one morning, thinking of different things, as you do, and experiencing the associated emotions with each thought. Sometimes I would think of people I love, people I don’t care for, things I really find important, and things I find more or less annoying. And, due to my training in the Inayan System of Eskrima, I suddenly took a conscious backseat to the thoughts that were racing through my mind.

Los Gatos School of Eskrima

We had a blast in class!

Back Row: Katulungan Meyer, Loren, Chris, Jeff, David, Matt, Guro Levy, Alan

Front Row: Cody, Franco, Sursuro Defanti, Suro, Sursuro Peterson, Jr., Mark, Mike


Teaching my Family's system of Martial Art is both a joy and a passion. I started teaching in 1992, my first lesson was in 1979 (formal lesson). Someone asked me recently how long I had been teaching and how long I had been training... I don't normally do the math, so my first response was lower that the truth. I had to think, and then it hit me, how long I've been training in Inayan, and how long I have been teaching in Inayan. But recent events have put it into even further perspective.

Twists and Turns

 Yesterday was amazing, and all my troubles were far away ;-)
I had the opportunity to train with my Uncle Remi, a master level instructor from the old days, and perhaps one of the most senior people around from back when GGM Angle Cabales was still a young 50-60 years old. The quality and appearance of Serrada practitioners and lineages coming from this time period is distinguishable from the those who learned exclusively from Manong Angel when he was in his 70+ years.

Lock and Block

So I have been watching some videos on people's lock and block, and also reflecting on my own experiences. It should be recognized, as a drill the lock and block exercise has a point of diminishing returns, however it can make you good at certain things for sure. Reflexes would be at the top of that list of course.

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