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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000

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happy new year


flexible weapon dvd.

 I have been watching Suro Inay's new flexible weapon dvd it is very good and very informative.Well worth getting .

stick soaking

 Ok i got 6 sanded sticks in a 4 inch round sealed (hopefully) tube full of boiled linseed oil. in 2 weeks i will see how they are and maybe do more. !! Thanks to previous advice from a fellow eskrimador and a experienced stick soaker i had no trouble at all. ;)

Happy holidayz


Suro in Wisconsin

 I am so looking forward to Suro's visit to Wisconsin next week ;) The Saturday seminars will be great and I get to share them with 2 of my daughters!

Happy fathers day

 Happy fathers day to all dad's and granddad's out there today. hope your day is great. ;)

eskrima sticks

 Where is a good place or web sight to get Eskrima sticks from? I have tried several sights some with great sucess and some not so good. Also is there a web sight i can go to to learn to grow rattan and get starter palnts or seeds? I know being  from Wisconsin the weather probably won't let me but nothing ventured nothing gained. 

outsmarted by my 4 year old

Sophia my 4 year old is sitting on me and punching me for fun so i decide to try sticky hands w/ her , she traps both my hands with 1 of her arms and hits me again. i think i need more practice.


Gabby and I had just a blast again for the last 2 days training Inayan Eskrima with Suro Inay and our fellow Eskrimadors. We learned so much again as far as techniques and body mechanics, and the best for me was new ways of thinking and teaching. Thank you so very much Suro Inay for sharing your family art with us. Also a BIG congratulations to Mr. Hurley on his promotion. Great job sir!

rank system

What is the sash color progression and level of Guro?

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