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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000

Training with Suro Jason Inay.

As I walked into The Inyan System of Escrima seminar there was alot of emotions that I felt scared, nervous, not prepared, shy and like I shouldnt be there. Here I am a 5'9 120lbs yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do with little exprience in Escrima with a room filled with guys that have been training in this for years. I was so intimaidated when I looked around and saw people that were much more advanced in this then I am. Then I see the man walking through the door that is like the president of Escrima and then I got more nervous. All I thought was I am gonna look like a dang fool trying to do Escrima in front of him. That he will probably look at this 20 year old skinny girl that really doesn't know alot about Escrima, and think to himself "oh boy this is gonna be a challenge to try to teach her how to do this stuff". But in reality he didnt think that. He was a very nice and down to earth man that liked teaching and showing me diffrent techniques and styles. But beforehand I felt like a small child at her first day of school. As my training there progressed I felt like I knew more about Escrima and what it is about. I didnt feel so stupid doing it. I had a great deal of help from Suro Jason Inay, Mr. Sorce, Mr. Mrotek, Mr. Koltz, Mr. Frey and among others. I had alot of fun and gained alot of knowledge at the seminar. I like Escrima because it teaches you a variety of diffrent styles of fighting, from sticks to knifes to close battle. It teaches you for real life situations and what could really happen. When Suro Jason Inay was demonstrating some of the techniques, my first reaction is that it would suck to be that guy if that happened in real life. I was like ouch and omg(Oh My God) that would suck to get hit or stabbed like that. At the end of the seminar I came out with much more knowledge then Ive ever thought I would. My head was spinning with all the stuff I just learned but I still remembered alot about what he taught me. I became a better Escrimador from this exprience. I was so glad and happy that I got to train with Suro Jason Inay and the other higher ups in Escrima. I cant wait for the next seminar to come up and do some more training with him. The questions I have are 1. How does the sashes work is it like rank or what? 2. How do you get the sashes? 3. What are those patches on the pants mean? 4. Why are there 5 diffrent styles? Thats all I have for questions for now. But I want to thank every one that I've worked with in being patient with me since I'm a beginner and for helping me and a special Thanks to Suro Jason Inay for allowing me to train and to further my education in Escrima and the diffrent styles.


StarScar007, I will try to


I will try to help with your questions:

1. The sashes work similar to the belt ranks in Japanese martial arts. A list of the ranks with their sash equivalent can be found here:

2. For the basic sashes up the Guro ranks I believe you can just buy them from any martial arts supplier. They would probably be listed as Kung Fu sashes.

3. The patches on the sword leg are the five "major" styles within the Inayan System of Eskrima. They are, in order:
Kadena de Mano ("Chain of Hand") - corto (short) range and dealing primarily with hand and short knife applications.
Serrada ("To Shut" or ""To Close") - medio to corto (medium to short) range dealing primarily with short knife and a medium blade (machete length) or medium stick. There are also empty hand applications.
Larga Mano ("Long Hand") - largo (long) rango dealing primarily with long swords (around 40") and long sticks of the same length.
Dequerdas ("To Cord" or "The Cord") - medio (medium) range dealing primarily with a medium blade (machete length) or a medium stick. A key element to this style is the use of the shield hand as reinforcement in blocking.
Sinawali ("Pattern" or "Weaving") - medio (medium) range and dealing primarily with paired weapons of equal length, usually sticks measuring around 30" overall.

There are other styles within the system, but those usually come later.

The patches on the shield leg are usually the systems that the individual are involved in. People who are primarily in the Inayan System of Eskrima would have just the Inayan System patch on that leg.

4. There are multiple styles to cover the multitude of ranges and weapons that a person may find themselves using. Suro Inay could elucidate further on this.

I hope that helped.

Matt Williams


Everyone begins somewhere, and there is a great advantage of working with people who have beginner's mind. In fact it is a highly sought after state of mind that you have as a beginner. This is what many master level instructors that are truly interested in becoming good at their art strive to achieve and maintain. It doesn't matter if you do Krav Maga or Kung Fu, or Tae Kwon Do, or Kali, any art for that matter; having a perspective of not knowing aids in your learning.
I love working with new and experienced people both, getting a chance to look at things through other's eyes is valuable and worthwhile. So i would definately need to thank you, for letting me see the art through your eyes, if only briefly.
Mabuhay Ng Inayan Sytema Ng Eskrima
Suro J. Inay