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a good pocket knife.

with spending hundreds of dollars, what is a good practical lock back folding knife for daily use,and where is the best place on line to find one? thanks.

Good knives

 My personal favorite is a Howard Viele c42s and a Kershaw Leek or a Streamlight Stylus (pen light) as a back up.
If I could get away with it I'd probably carry my Cold Steel True Flight Thrower because it is pretty sturdy and relatively inexpensive.

Benchmade - McHenry- Emerson

These are my favorite brands, I currently carry Benchmades.
This one:
Benchmade 940 Osborne Design Knife
is my main carry, though I've been known to have a benchmade elishewitz handy.
Be Excellent,

Good knives on the cheap

I would recommend Spyderco, Byrd (sister company of Spyderco), and Benchmade above all others. I am thrilled that you also prefer lockbacks.
I used to cary a Byrd Cara Cara (3 7/8" blade) constantly but I lost it a few months ago. I also cary a Byrd Wings (two blades, one on each side) as well as a Spyderco Rescue and a Cold Steel Ti Lite Zytel 6.

I would recommend these vendors

Beyond that, check around on eBay and Google Products.

Most of the Byrd line appears to be out of production right now, hopefully they are just preparing for a new product line.

thanks for the info.

thanks for the info.

My pleasure

Best of luck to you in finding what you want. I would also recommend going to a knife store or to a knife show and handling knives that look interesting to you. That way you can find out for certain what styles of knife and what companies suit you best.
Also, in case you did not already have this in your mind, carrying at least one knife on each side is not a bad idea.