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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000

eskrima training sayings...

by popular demand, the following is a compilation of sayings (to date) that have been overheard during eskrima training sessions with sursuro jena and suro jason.. taken out of context would... enjoy! and please feel free to add to this list.
ride the stick
tip up
to the boob
don't squeeze your stick too hard
make sure you get it in
she's a fister
once your hips hit the ground, stick your legs up in the air
you on bottom, you on top (which led to...)
i hate being on bottom (and)
i like being on top
i want you to go slow (then)
when you're ready, go faster
make sure you hit it with the tip
i like playing with balls, just not these ones
i can't get my fingers in the right position
whip it out
can't handle the girth
get it in the hole
have it cocked
put it in while you're turning
give me a thrust
this is hard on hard
step on your balls
i wanna see some bondage!
don't poke me, just hold it
just get it all the way up
better head that time
it's faster at the tip
make your first one meaningful
i'm the head bitch around here
you're long
don't go to the rear, go by
the attack is all about penetration
i'm glad my first time was with her
it won't be as painful the second time
don't forget to penetrate and retract
get used to things coming at your face
you gotta get it at the tip
shoot from where you're loaded
i went long and i'm not going back
a thousand strokes polishes the sword
i want to crash the opponent..go in, go out, go in, go out
open it up, then pull it out
it hurts when she goes down
it's not the length, it's the way you use your stick that matters
am i short stroking it?
(additions as of june 18, 2009)
do you want a long one or a short one?
grab the meat and pull it out

From my academy days

"Penetration constitutes the act, regardless of the depth."


 Oh yeah, no to the right a little, yes THERE, now go deeper (into the stance)....

I said this to a girl which doesn't make a whole lot of sense..

Well, in the context of being funny, it doesn't make sense. It's just funny b/c it's the type of thing you say and pause and go, damn, did i just say that?
"Don't pull out so soon."

"I can be sorry too."

"I can be sorry too."

From my dad

Jason, take "so and so" and go feed her fives....

"Now suck it in and..

"Now suck it in and.. ARRRGGGGHH... yeah, that's it" (from when Matt and I were rolling on the ground in Campbell park one morning)