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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000

Happy fathers day

 Happy fathers day to all dad's and granddad's out there today. hope your day is great. ;)

Quick Youtube Post

 Just a quick post here, nothing more then the link to a Youtube Video posted of myself in London in 2005... not to self: never do that hair again....
Be Excellent
Suro Jason Inay

A Matter of Perspective

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A Matter of Perspective
“So what I said was true, from a certain point of view.” Obiwan Kenobi

Lately I’ve been hearing a similar message from many different people that are a part of different areas of my life. My pastor might say, “your mind has control over your body.” My boss might say, “believe in your success to achieve it.” Suro will say, “Envision how you would move, act, talk, fight if you were the perfect warrior or version of your self – and then go do those things.”

Stick Soaking Part II

The other day I described my first attempt at soaking a batch of rattan sticks. This effort, while ultimately successful, was frightfully flawed. The flaws came from a combination of lack of experience and my own lack of common sense. A week passed from when I first immersed these sticks and the time had come to remove them for drying, add another batch, and see if I had learned anything.

I hesitate to say that what follows is the “right” way. It is, for lack of better terminology, “considerably less wrong.”

eskrima sticks

 Where is a good place or web sight to get Eskrima sticks from? I have tried several sights some with great sucess and some not so good. Also is there a web sight i can go to to learn to grow rattan and get starter palnts or seeds? I know being  from Wisconsin the weather probably won't let me but nothing ventured nothing gained. 

What If?

This last week has been a busy one, and yet not busy in the ways I wanted them to be in the end of the week. Starting with a fantastic show and tell a-la-seminar for SigEp at Stanford, the week progressed nicely. Until Thursday when suddenly I had somehow injured my neck and could barely move without immobilizing pain.


Great class last night

I just wanted to thank Suro and all the instructors for last nights class! I've been searching for some answers to questions that were answered last night. The class felt like it was designed for me. Hopefully we will have more nights like that in the future. I really enjoyed the warmup because I rarely have time to attend the fight class. The no-wind sparring was great for finding answers. I hope we incorporate this into our normal warmup. I also enjoyed the kdm flow sparring. Working on the different aspects of kdm is something I really need more practice with to complete my kdm.

Thanks again for the great class!

ITO Newsletter May 2011 - "Reality Based Combat Training"


Welcome to  ITO Newsletter, 2nd Issue vol. 1 2011


This issue:

  1. Reality Based Combat Training

  2. The Psychology of Learning

  3. What is your favorite style of Inayan Eskrima?  

Misadventures in stick soaking

Rattan sticks are a necessity in Fillipino martial arts and, to prolong the life of these great tools, it is recommended that they be soaked in boiled linseed oil and left to dry.  This makes them harder, heavier, denser, and much less prone to the negative effects of moisture.  So, after having done some research, I ordered a bundle of sticks and went to the hardware store for the necessary tools for stick soaking (large diameter PVC pipe, water-tight end cap, boiled linseed oil).

What follows is my error-filled attempt to start the stick soaking process.  I hope it brings you entertainment...and that you learn from my mistakes.

Say no to Carabao and Chicken Blood

Twice in as many weeks I have recieved the unsolicited comment regarding what FMA is in the philippines and what it is not, as compared to Fight Quest and The Human Weapon. Now these two individuals gave comment unsolicited and in referrence to advocation to me visiting PI to experience what FMA is really like in the islands.

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