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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000

Observations From a Newbie

My husband is a full instructor in Inayan Kadena De Mano, and after many years of harassment he convinced me that I should learn some Eskrima. Now I have never studied in any kind of martial art. So this is entirely new to me, and having a student that doesn’t know anything was new for my husband. These circumstances are causing some interesting occurrences; such as, I was supposed to magically know that resting the stick on my arm for a reinforced watershed block was incorrect.


It's funny how things can fall into your lap sometimes. 5 years ago, I didn't know what escrima was. As a kid I was enchanted by martial arts. The Karate Kid probably kicked it off when I was 6. Since then I started seeing Bruce Lee, more Karate Kid movies, Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and others. Being in Martial Arts was always a dream, but my parents didn't believe in martial arts due to the "violence." My only wish is I could've started sooner. Anyway, after watching countless movies, I admired Kung Fu the most because of the artistic way they kicked butt.

Twists and Turns

 Yesterday was amazing, and all my troubles were far away ;-)
I had the opportunity to train with my Uncle Remi, a master level instructor from the old days, and perhaps one of the most senior people around from back when GGM Angle Cabales was still a young 50-60 years old. The quality and appearance of Serrada practitioners and lineages coming from this time period is distinguishable from the those who learned exclusively from Manong Angel when he was in his 70+ years.

outsmarted by my 4 year old

Sophia my 4 year old is sitting on me and punching me for fun so i decide to try sticky hands w/ her , she traps both my hands with 1 of her arms and hits me again. i think i need more practice.

Click Click Click

If you were at the seminars in Oneida/Green Bay, WI on March 19th, you probably noticed some guy pointing a camera at you taking pictures. I apologize if I distracted anyone, or made you nervous while someone was swinging a stick or knife at your head. I know the clicking of the shutter got annoying after the first couple hours. Suro invited me to take photos of the seminars, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity, as bittersweet as it was. Yes I got to get some good pics of Suro and everyone else trading blows with each other, but I only got to watch everyone practice, and gain experience.

Training with Suro Jason Inay.

As I walked into The Inyan System of Escrima seminar there was alot of emotions that I felt scared, nervous, not prepared, shy and like I shouldnt be there. Here I am a 5'9 120lbs yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do with little exprience in Escrima with a room filled with guys that have been training in this for years. I was so intimaidated when I looked around and saw people that were much more advanced in this then I am. Then I see the man walking through the door that is like the president of Escrima and then I got more nervous.

Lock and Block

So I have been watching some videos on people's lock and block, and also reflecting on my own experiences. It should be recognized, as a drill the lock and block exercise has a point of diminishing returns, however it can make you good at certain things for sure. Reflexes would be at the top of that list of course.

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Hanna the Movie

It is looking like this movie will be an awesome example of fight choreography using FMA, thanks to Jeff Imada, Can't wait to see this flick!

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