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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000

2010 Memorial Workout

I find myself very fortunate to have had such a great teacher. My father, and teacher, had shared with me many insights as well as lessons for life. He used our family system, the Inayan System of Eskrima, as the vehicle for his lessons. 10 years after his passing, the Inayan Training Organization as a group continues this tradition. A tradition of self-development utilizing warrior ethics and training for adults and children.

Announcing the Mangisursuro Memorial Website

I would like to take a moment to proudly announce the opening of a memorial site dedicated to our teacher and founder of both the ITO and ISE. Please take a moment to check out the site and expect periodical updates regarding Mangisursuro on this site.

20100920 Lesson Learned

I apologize

Shocking isn't it? It is true though. So grab your sharpie and run to calendar and mark down Monday, September 20th, 2010 as the day that I actually apologized.

Let me explain why I'm sorry, and how I got to this point...

True MMA

We had the pleasure of having Suro Jason out in Green Bay, WI again. He only gets out this way 2 times per year so I have to make the most of the training time. Working with Suro is more than just physical training it is also very much mental as well. Suro not only shows you the technique but tells you why it is the way it is and gets you to understand the movement.

Update to

Hey just wanted to post here the url for testimonials for my personal website.

Flexible Weapons in Oneida Wisconsin

Had the honor of teaching a flexible weapon seminar tonight at Oneida/Green Bay hosted by Master Schoenebeck here in Wisconsin. Was a great deal of fun to present some new ideas and material to this great group of Eskrimadors.

It is a requirement to have a proficiency in flexible and semi-flexible weapons prior to becoming a Guro in the Inayan System of Eskrima per my Dad, Mangisursuro Mike Inay.

"The only person holding you back is you."

A year and a half ago I was invited to my nephew's 'martial arts' birthday party - for a fee their eclectic karate blend dojo uses their space to put on a kid's party. The kids get a simple class session in which the adults are also welcome to attend, which moves pretty quickly into fun activities like 'ninja games' where they sneak up on one another and try to catch each other in the act.

Martial Arts Lessons for the Real World

During a job interview today I found myself using my Martial Arts training in a fun and unexpected way. After sharing the story with Suro he asked me to write a post about it, so here goes...

I work for a company in the South Bay, and have been with the company for about 6 years. Recently, I began the process to seek outside opportunities for personal and professional growth. After a long first round of phone interviews, I was invited by a local company (a competitor to my current company) to interview in person.

Summer Training

This summer has been great for training, both abroad and in the U.S. I have had the chance to raise my fitness level and conditioning during the FightClasses as well as sharpen my fighting skills too. The seminars this summer have been great fun, and have opened my horizons further in regards to my training and seminar material. My participation in Tournaments has added a richness to my training and perspective on training.

Knife Point Sparring – Year of the Tiger NCO

I’ve only been training in Inayan Eskrima for 10.5 months, and being that Eskrima is the first combat martial art I’ve trained in, competing in knife point sparing a few weeks ago had a significant impact on my self-image and confidence. It also gave me a sense of what it would be like to actually fight someone. Which, while I’ve had to defend myself in bad situations before, I realize now that consciously attacking someone is very different from just defending myself. I’ve really never experienced anything quite like it before this competition.

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