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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000


Filipino Martial Art

happy new year


stick soaking

 Ok i got 6 sanded sticks in a 4 inch round sealed (hopefully) tube full of boiled linseed oil. in 2 weeks i will see how they are and maybe do more. !! Thanks to previous advice from a fellow eskrimador and a experienced stick soaker i had no trouble at all. ;)

eskrima sticks

 Where is a good place or web sight to get Eskrima sticks from? I have tried several sights some with great sucess and some not so good. Also is there a web sight i can go to to learn to grow rattan and get starter palnts or seeds? I know being  from Wisconsin the weather probably won't let me but nothing ventured nothing gained. 

Hanna the Movie

It is looking like this movie will be an awesome example of fight choreography using FMA, thanks to Jeff Imada, Can't wait to see this flick!

Traditional Martial Arts Ineffective?

There is a lot of information out on the Internet as well as in print regarding the supremacy of one art or method of training over another. So much in fact it is hard to know what is right, what is misinformation and what is disinformation. Though the question of which style is better is an old debate in the Martial Arts community, there is some credence to the statement that Traditional Martial Arts’ approach is ineffective. So what is the best art to train in? Karate, Kung Fu, Eskrima, or some other style? And, if one style or way is better, why is it better?

The Simple Things!

We are preparing to implement the sash curriculum in Wisconsin. It’s an impactful and exciting change for us. As I look over the content of the curriculum, I can see how it addresses the development of a student, in a relatively short period of time, into someone who can reasonably defend ones-self against the average attacker. Among the drills that are emphasized early in our training is the reactive knife defense program that Mangisursuro Mike Inay developed specifically for law enforcement.

Bridging the gap between the glass box and the real world.

The one thing that sets Inayan apart from other martial arts is that its curriculum develops real self-defense skills. Let me clarify. What I am talking about goes beyond merely performing techniques, repeating static drills, and memorizing forms. Successful self-defense requires the development of reaction time, fluid movement, adaptability, and the ability to perform under stress.

20101115 - Climbing Mountains

[[[Climbing Mountains]]]

Knife Point Sparring – Year of the Tiger NCO

I’ve only been training in Inayan Eskrima for 10.5 months, and being that Eskrima is the first combat martial art I’ve trained in, competing in knife point sparing a few weeks ago had a significant impact on my self-image and confidence. It also gave me a sense of what it would be like to actually fight someone. Which, while I’ve had to defend myself in bad situations before, I realize now that consciously attacking someone is very different from just defending myself. I’ve really never experienced anything quite like it before this competition.

Summer Training

It is so great to be training in the summer again. The longer days and outdoor training make for a great time. Though I could do without the dust, pollen, and gopher holes in my lawn, I always love training outdoors. The traditional Saturday class has been especially rewarding.

The weather and varied terrain for training outside provide so many more interesting training opportunities for regular Eskrima classes as well as working on combat conditioning too.

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