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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000


Learn Filipino Martial Arts

Learn Practical Self-Defense Would you like to learn a martial art that is practical for self-defense, and street fighting? Are traditional martial arts, and elements of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fine-tuned for practical purposes important to you? If so, then you should be asking yourself, would you like to learn Eskrima? Also known as Kali, Arnis, Arnis De Mano, as well as many other names, Filipino Martial Arts is both a traditional MMA and a practical means of self-defense suited to modern times.


It's funny how things can fall into your lap sometimes. 5 years ago, I didn't know what escrima was. As a kid I was enchanted by martial arts. The Karate Kid probably kicked it off when I was 6. Since then I started seeing Bruce Lee, more Karate Kid movies, Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and others. Being in Martial Arts was always a dream, but my parents didn't believe in martial arts due to the "violence." My only wish is I could've started sooner. Anyway, after watching countless movies, I admired Kung Fu the most because of the artistic way they kicked butt.

Training with Suro Jason Inay.

As I walked into The Inyan System of Escrima seminar there was alot of emotions that I felt scared, nervous, not prepared, shy and like I shouldnt be there. Here I am a 5'9 120lbs yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do with little exprience in Escrima with a room filled with guys that have been training in this for years. I was so intimaidated when I looked around and saw people that were much more advanced in this then I am. Then I see the man walking through the door that is like the president of Escrima and then I got more nervous.

Hanna the Movie

It is looking like this movie will be an awesome example of fight choreography using FMA, thanks to Jeff Imada, Can't wait to see this flick!

Don't Waste Your Time With Escrima

Eskrima is impractical?

FMA antiquated?

Your Stick Fighting Sucks....

Don’t Waste Your time with Escrima

Winter Wonderland

This last week in London has been great. I have had the opportunity to share the Inayan System of Eskrima with a lot of new people as well as expose them to the Self Defense nature of Escrima. Filipino Martial Arts is a hugely varied form of martial art, here in London the Inayan Kadena De Mano style is highly relevant to assault and crime here in London and the UK in general.

Germany 2010 Summer Inayan EskrimaTraining

This visit to Germany has been an exercise in advancement and evaluation as well as some very intense training. We trained about 30 hours over 6 days. In this time we have covered the full spectrum of the Inayan System of Eskrima, as founded by Mike Inay. As a legacy to Great Grand Master Mike Inay, the "Aix-la-Chappelle" group in Aachen have trained diligently and with dedication amidst many challenges.

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