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"The [Inay(an)] System (of Eskrima) is Complete" ~ Mangisursuro Inay 1944-2000

Inayan Eskrima

Suro in Wisconsin

 I am so looking forward to Suro's visit to Wisconsin next week ;) The Saturday seminars will be great and I get to share them with 2 of my daughters!

A Matter of Perspective

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A Matter of Perspective
“So what I said was true, from a certain point of view.” Obiwan Kenobi

Lately I’ve been hearing a similar message from many different people that are a part of different areas of my life. My pastor might say, “your mind has control over your body.” My boss might say, “believe in your success to achieve it.” Suro will say, “Envision how you would move, act, talk, fight if you were the perfect warrior or version of your self – and then go do those things.”

Wyld Stallion

Forgive me if this is long, however, over the past few weeks a few insights have come to me that may be of interest to you. It all came to me while I was driving one morning, thinking of different things, as you do, and experiencing the associated emotions with each thought. Sometimes I would think of people I love, people I don’t care for, things I really find important, and things I find more or less annoying. And, due to my training in the Inayan System of Eskrima, I suddenly took a conscious backseat to the thoughts that were racing through my mind.


Gabby and I had just a blast again for the last 2 days training Inayan Eskrima with Suro Inay and our fellow Eskrimadors. We learned so much again as far as techniques and body mechanics, and the best for me was new ways of thinking and teaching. Thank you so very much Suro Inay for sharing your family art with us. Also a BIG congratulations to Mr. Hurley on his promotion. Great job sir!

Inayan Eskrima and basic law enforcement training

North Carolina basic law enforcement baton techniques in comparison to Inayan Eskrima

My first introduction to Inayan Eskrima came in the last 1990s during one of many trips I took to a martial arts seminar in Wisconsin. Guro Kevin Schoenebeck was there and, after one of our training days, he handing out sticks to anyone interested and ran some Sinawali drills with us. This introduction also seemed to spark an interest in my head instructor, Soke Marty Ferrick. After a couple of years Soke Ferrick had established a relationship with the late Mangisursuro Michael Inay and had begun integrating Inayan Eskrima into our standard curriculum.

rank system

What is the sash color progression and level of Guro?

AH HA Moments

I love it when I'm in class and things just click together. I always knew when I started training in the Inayan System that one day it would happen, and things would start making sense. So far, to my delight, that hasn't stopped happening. I love it when we are in class going through drills and I start to see how a stick drill can be used empty handed or the other way around. Or the simple translation between stick and knife. Things like that make coming to class even more worth while, and I hate to miss class anyway.

The Simple Things!

We are preparing to implement the sash curriculum in Wisconsin. It’s an impactful and exciting change for us. As I look over the content of the curriculum, I can see how it addresses the development of a student, in a relatively short period of time, into someone who can reasonably defend ones-self against the average attacker. Among the drills that are emphasized early in our training is the reactive knife defense program that Mangisursuro Mike Inay developed specifically for law enforcement.

Winter Wonderland

This last week in London has been great. I have had the opportunity to share the Inayan System of Eskrima with a lot of new people as well as expose them to the Self Defense nature of Escrima. Filipino Martial Arts is a hugely varied form of martial art, here in London the Inayan Kadena De Mano style is highly relevant to assault and crime here in London and the UK in general.

Announcing the Mangisursuro Memorial Website

I would like to take a moment to proudly announce the opening of a memorial site dedicated to our teacher and founder of both the ITO and ISE. Please take a moment to check out the site and expect periodical updates regarding Mangisursuro on this site.

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